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Microsoft Office Web Apps

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Microsoft Office 365 comes equipped with some handy Microsoft Office Web apps, making it easier for you to work in the cloud. With Office Web apps it is extremely simple to access and share Microsoft Office documents from anywhere with anyone. And when you open OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, or Word document using Office Web apps, the other members of your team can open the documents simultaneously. This means, there is no need to wait for any other team member to finish adding his information to a spreadsheet. Can’t believe? To get started all you need to do is store all of your Office documents on the web- in SkyDrive.

Let’s find out the basic task of each Microsoft Office Web app closely.

Microsoft Office Word Web app

The Microsoft Office Word Web app is the most convenient way to create, view or edit Word documents from anywhere, in your web browser. For using this app, store your Word document online or open the attachment from your web-based e-mail, such as Outlook Web app or Hotmail. It enables you to share documents online, add comments in the documents, work together in the same document, and even print the document directly from the web browser.

Microsoft Office Excel Web app

Alike Word Web app, the Excel Web app also enables you to create, view or edit Excel workbooks online. You can share the workbook online by simply sending a link rather than sending it as an attachment. The people can view the worksheets, filter or sort data and get into the details of PivotTables.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Web app

This unique Web app allows you to add new slide, change theme, and apply basic transition and animation effects in your web browser or mobile device. Also, you can insert and format pictures, SmartArt, and shaped to make your PowerPoint presentation more appealing. For better results, if you want to work together on the same presentation, it is very easy. You can see who all are currently working on a presentation and making certain changes.

Microsoft Office OneNote Web app

With OneNote Web app it is extremely simple to store a digital notebook to type and format text instantly anywhere on the page. You can include pictures from your PC or Microsoft online service.

Start using Microsoft Office Web apps now

Can’t wait to start using the various Microsoft Office Web apps? Our technical experts can provide comprehensive technical support service to help you get started. We can give support to make the most of Microsoft Office Word Web app, Microsoft Office Excel Web app, Microsoft Office PowerPoint Web app, and Microsoft Office OneNote Web app.

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