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Steps to Activate Office 365 Product Key

Office 365 Activation Key
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Microsoft Office 365 software license provides legal rights to install, access, and use a software program. Office 365 users require this activation key license program to validate their copy as a genuine copy of the software.

What is Product Activation?

Product activation is validation with Microsoft to confirm that software is genuine and that its product key is not compromised. It is similar to the activation of credit cards or new mobile phones. Activation establishes a relationship between the software’s product key and a particular installation of that software on a device.

You can activate Office 365 product from three different channels that are Retail, Volume, and OEM; each type of activation process requires entering a product key from the packaging and contacting a networked server or phone service center. Also, methodologies of product activation through these three different channels for the software also vary.


Activate product key for office 365

Activate product key for office 365

How to Activate Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft allows installing Microsoft Office 365 on multiple Windows-based computers or Macs. Later to get started and use Office 365, you need to activate each Microsoft account for all devices. The procedure of activating Office 365 involves a wizard. This wizard requires entering users’ contact details, domain information, registering with the user administrator information and then, verifying the data you have entered is accurate to complete the procedure.

Here is a small DIY guide to show you how to activate Microsoft Office 365 account on your PC.

  1. Select ‘Products’ from the top menu.
  2. Choose the domain name and select the appropriate radio buttons.
    Office 365 Activation Key

    Office 365 Activation Key

  3. Click Start using Microsoft Office 365.
  4. Next, type in the contact details of the company which includes name, surname, company address, e-mail ID, phone number and the company name.
    Office 365 Activation Key

    Office 365 Activation Key

  5. Select an Enter the Initial domain name for Office 365 account.
  6. Then, hit ‘Next’.
  7. In the second step, you need to check out if the user has administrative rights. For this, click button next to ‘administrator’.
  8. Once you have confirmed the administrator rights, type in the username of the administrator. Make sure you remember the name as this name will be used for signing in with the Microsoft Office 365 account and the first e-mail account you create for Microsoft Office 365.
    Office 365 Activation Key

    Office 365 Activation Key

  9. Next, you need to register the display name of the administrator, full name of the administrator and the location service to be used in Microsoft Office 365. Then, click ‘Next’.
  10. Then, you will reach the last step of the activation wizard. Here, you need to check and confirm that all the data entered during activation is accurate.
  11. Click ‘Finish’ to initiate activation process.
  12. If you think the data you entered through the process needs to be changed, then, edit the information you entered by selecting ‘Previous’ option in this step.

Thus, the activation of Microsoft Office 365 will begin. When the activation will be complete, Microsoft will send you a confirmation e-mail to let you verify the status of Office 365 service from ‘Contract information view’. If the status confirms that your Microsoft Office 365 account is activated, you need to refresh the status of the contract. Click the ‘Activate’ icon and access administration menu.


    Is office 365 “cloud bases” i.e., is everything stored on cloud? If I do not want online storage should I NOT download 365 Beta? thanx Dennis


      For the most part, yes!
      That said, it also lets you download Office (2013, for now) apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher & Link (on upto 5 devices- PCs and Macs).
      They will be updated automatically when the new version comes out (by default).

    Alfa Beta

    i bought office 365 online and need a product key to activate word, excel, etc.. where is it??

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